Twillingate is one of Newfoundland and Eastern Canada’s “hot” spots every summer. More often than not, there are plentiful icebergs drifting along the coast of Twillingate, making their way from Greenland in the Labrador Current down the coast to meet their demise in warmer waters down south.

A Place to Stay

Amber Retreat…

Welcome to Amber Retreat

Welcome to Amber Retreat

We love visiting Twillingate so much that we decided to help to share this special place with more people.  In 2006 we acquired a little house in Lower Jenkins’ Cove in Durrell Twillingate and immediately set out to redevelop it as a vacation home. In 2009 we finally opened our doors to guests.

Named Amber Retreat (inspired by the colour of the house), it is a modern saltbox home with all the conveniences we would love for ourselves… from large decks to a modern kitchen, soft couches and comfortable beds with crisp linens.  The two large en-suite bathrooms may have been a bit excessive… but we could not resist adding a double bath tub and a large shower with its own little seat…  We added some photos here…and here on Facebook

Above the Tickle…

Guests visiting Above the Tickle. They brought their kayaks along.

Above the Tickle

In 2010 we were fortunate to acquire the home of Eddie Hodder, a business man and fish merchant in Twillingate.  A bachelor, he lived in this house with his two sisters and it was clear that they loved their gardens and that Eddie was a meticulous carpenter too – if his well-organized workshop was any indication.

We restored this house in record time with the help of a great crew and late 2010 we were open for our first guests.  Again we had to add those amenities and extras that we would have liked for ourselves, right down to the large deck where you can watch the sun set over the ocean, high speed wireless Internet to stay connected and a fresh herb garden to add flavour to home cooked meals.

Named Above the Tickle for its location just above the Tickle Bridge that connects Twillingate’s north and south islands, this house with its tropical blue exterior is not easy to miss!  We added a few pictures on Facebook and will soon add more to this site.

Twillingate is a Special Place

There is much in Newfoundland and Labrador that is very special… the air is pure, the roads wide open, the people have huge hearts  and I am yet to meet a Newfoundlander that cannot make music!

But Twillingate has something extra special… Is it the traces of a prosperous past? The many safe places to get lost in? Hiking? Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, partridge berries, bakeapples? Is the the smell of freshly baked bread that wafts through windows or the sound of gulls churning above the day’s catch?  The sounds from the fishing flakes or the stutter of fishing boats returning home? Or is it the blazing sunset skies over Back Harbour? Gnarled driftwood on the beach or beach fire flames licking at the twilight sky?

It is this and more. And one cannot deny that it is also a community woven tightly together by ages of the sea asking its toll…

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