• Yellow Boat in Back Harbour

    Boats, Boats, Boats

    Twillingate rose to prominence in Newfoundland because of its connection with the sea. Boats have always played a key role in life on this island in fishing, trading and as a means of passenger travel. Today...

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  • Keefe's Root Cellar

    Hike to the Natural Arch in Little Harbour

    The hike to the Natural Arch in Little Harbour, a 4 km drive out of Twillingate on Route 340. Watch for the sign on the left pointing to Little Harbour. The photos on this...

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  • Two Sheep

    All Around The Circle – Fogo

    Day Trip “Hip yer partner Sally Thibeau Hip yer partner Sally Brown Fogo Twillingate Moreton’s Harbour All around the circle…” Twillingate to Fogo The Newfoundland "anthem", I'se the b'y, has immortalized the triangle of Twillingate, Fogo, Morton's Harbour - All Around...

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  • Boats in Carter's Cove on our summer day trip from Twillingate NL

    All Around The Circle – Moreton’s Harbour

    Day Trip "Hip yer partner Sally Thibeau Hip yer partner Sally Brown Fogo Twillingate Moreton's Harbour All around the circle..." Twillingate to Moreton's Harbour via Carter's Cove The lyrics of the Newfoundland folk tune, I'se the b'y has made a legend...

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  • Amber Retreat

    Book now for summer!

    If you are planning a trip to Twillingate this summer, reserve your accommodation with us early to ensure you get the time you are looking for. Every summer Twillingate bustled with visitors looking for fresh air,...

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  • Pink Lupins

    Time to Smell the Flowers

    Does Twillingate have more abundant wild flowers than anywhere else in the world.... or do I just have more time there to take time and smell the flowers? Here are some of the pictures we took...

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