Reservations are coming in from visitors planning their 2011 summer vacation. With Christmas almost a month behind us (how did that happen?) iceberg season will be upon us soon enough!

Fish Fun and Folk Festival

The annual Fish Fun and Folk Festival is traditionally in the third week of July every year.  It is a time when Twillingaters from everywhere come home to visit and where visitors from all over the world come to Twillingate to enjoy great summer weather and a week of festivities and events that ends traditionally in a spectacular fireworks display.  This year the festival dates are 25 to 31 July 2011.

Wine Tour

Auk Island Winery and gift shop is open year round. Wine tours provide a demonstration of how the Auk Island wines are made with a blend of local berries and iceberg water.  The gift shop is a lovely spot to find a local gift or simply browse around.

Live Performances

We are waiting to hear about performances of local group the Split Peas, gospel singers Irene Bridger and Karren Churchill,  the All Around the Circle dinner theatre in Crow Head and drama production in Cameron Hall this summer.  Check back for more information.

Guests visiting Above The Tickle.  They brought their kayaks along.

Kayaks outside Above The Tickle


Last summer guests of ours arrived with their kayaks and launched at the Tickle Bridge and kayaked around to Durrell.  They had the most awesome time.

A recent honeymoon couple drove all the way from Maryland to Amber Retreat for a week’s vacation with their kayak and judged by their photos, they had an exhilarating time exploring the coastline around Twillingate.  If you’d like to try kayaking and want to go out with a group or rent a kayak, you may want to contact Lindy Rideout of Seaknife Kayaks a call.  It is way safer than it looks!

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